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Games for children in public areas
by Ljudbyran Interactive

What is PlayZone?

PlayZone is an all-in-one entertainment solution with touch games developed by Ljudbyran Interactive for public shopping areas and waiting rooms. Easy to install, easy to adapt and a great way to add costumer experience to any area!

Kids happy – Parents Happy!

PlayZone provide a series of exciting touch games for kids of all ages. You can easialy bring more costumer value and experience to a surface by providing this simple and entertaining solution. Kids are important, and kids love to play.

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Valuable Statistics

Want to know if the PlayZone panel is being used and how often? We can provide an optional tool that registrers every game that is being played every hour. You can get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports on every individual panel and what game that was played.

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Reliable hardware

The technology used for this solution has been tested and optimized to maintain good quality for many years. There is quite a lot that can affect technology in a public environment, and it is important that you can trust the hardware to be up for the task.

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Easy to Customize

PlayZone is easy to adapt if you have special requirements. Everything can be changed, from logotype to background and pictures. This allows you to put your personal touch to the experience and the PlayZone becomes part of your brand.

Want a game of your own?

Do you have a game idea that you feel will be successful among your costumer? Our talented game development team can make it come true! Every game we provide is developed by Ljudbyrån Interactive, and we can customize or even create new games if requested.

See all PlayZone features

The PlayZone systems are fully configurable in any way you like from small to big changes. You can even get your own design and logo. PlayZone can also be adapted to any language in the world.

Pro Support. We provide online surveillance, service and support.


Despite our reliable hardware it can be comfortable knowing we are making sure that everything runs as it should. We provide various service and support packages. If the solution is connected to a network we can solve eventual problems remotely.

Flexibility. Our games can be configured to work on any platform.

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Whether you want a 15” or a 42” screen, windows or android, our games work on different platforms. This enables you to choose a more fitting solution depending on requirements, limits or pricing.


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